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      manufacturer Frumecar
      model Ecotrom 20
      year New
      price (EUR) price on request
      technical description (PDF)

      - production capacity: 20 m³/h
      - seperator cut: 0,25 mm
      - stirrers: 2x 5,5 kW
      - cleaning showers: 1-2
      - maximum granulometry: 40 mm

      The design of this model is similar to the vat of a concrete mixer truck. The operation, therefore, is also similar.

      The cleaning spiral that rotates with it is welded inside the vat. The process of movement in contact with the water causes the sand and cement and sand particles to separate from the rest of the waste material.

      In the last section of the spiral there are some crates, like collectors, that lift the cleaned aggregate and deposit it on the outlet tray.

      The vibrating outlet tray is one of the key characteristics of this model. It is positioned at the discharge of the vat and is inserted into it. Thanks to its vibration system and the drainage area, the aggregate can be recovered with much less water than in other systems.

      It is available with one or two stirrers for waste water tanks and allows the option of incorporating a second shower for cleaning two trucks simultaneously.

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