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      manufacturer Frumecar
      model Econor 30
      year New
      price (EUR) price on request
      technical description (PDF)

      - production capacity: 30 m³/h
      - vat spiral: 1900 mm
      - auger screw: 342 mm
      - seperator cut: 0,25 mm
      - stirrers: 2x 5,5 kW
      - cleaning showers: 3
      - maximum granulometry: 40 mm

      The ECONOR-30 is the recycling model designed for high cleaning demands. It is manufactured as standard with three cleaning showers for positioning three trucks at the same time and it incorporates an exclusive independent area for cleaning vats without waste concrete.

      The functioning of this model is designed based on ancient water wheels originating in the Middle East and commonly found in the south east of Spain.

      The cleaning system is similar to other models, with an internal structure that works as a transport spiral, and incorporates blades all around the spiral that improves the sweep of the material to the output wheel. This wheel has special scoops and grooves for collecting all the aggregate recovered and tipping it on the auger screw extractor at the other end of the vat.

      As standard it has a compressor and pneumatic installation for system autonomy. All models include as standard stirrers, safety grilles for installation on construction site tanks, level probes for the tanks, water pumps, showers with a button, pneumatic installation and control panel.

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