March 2014: Targeting the German market

BSS international trading takes important strategic steps in establishing the company on the German market. Reacting to recent trends in the construction equipment sector towards smaller and more flexible machinery, the supplier from Finowfurt now offers exclusively mobile concrete mixing plants by the Spanish company Frumecar. These machines stand out due to their compact size, making them easily maneuverable and convenient to handle.

Dirk Schönbohm, director of BSS international trading: “The demand regarding mobile machinery suitable for compact and flexible operations is on a steady rise in Germany. Small and medium-sized enterprises are especially looking for mixing plants that can be moved easily to different locations with as little effort as possible.” One of those enterprises is Kohl Recycling, the first German company to buy the EMA 500 mixing plant by Frumecar. Due to BSS international trading’s push into the German market, they were able to provide the optimal solution for Kohl Recycling.