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Putzmeister conveyor belt TB32 telescopic

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      manufacturer Putzmeister
      model TB32
      year 1998
      price (EUR) price on request
      weight 32000

      Putzmeister conveyor belt TB32 telescopic
      Manufacturer :Putzmeister
      Year of manufacture: 1998
      Weight: 32000KG
      Maximum driving speed: 80 Km/H
      Horizontal reach at 0° 32m
      Net reach at 0° 30,5m
      horizontal range at 30° 27,4m
      NET range at 30° 27.5m
      maximum vertical range at 30° 17.8m
      vertical range at 18° 12.0m
      Max. output at 0° 250m³/H
      Max. output at 30° 100m³
      Water tank 800l
      Hydraulic oil tank 500l
      Belt width, main and feed belt 450mm
      Belt speed max. 4,6m/sec
      Length of infeed belt 12,2m
      Pivoting range, main and infeed belt, infinite 360
      End hose length 4,5m

      The Telebelt 32 has a compact integral frame, ready for mounting on truck chassis
      Hydraulic drive for Telebelt via an elastically mounted change-over gearbox mounted in the drive shaft train. Can be switched to delivery and distribution mode or travel mode.
      Large-volume hydraulic axial piston variable displacement pump for stepless regulation of belt speeds and for extending and retracting the telescopic boom.
      All drives are in the proven, open hydraulic oil circuit
      Thermostatically controlled oil cooler, micro-sieve filter with low-pressure gauge and maintenance indicator in the bypass stream

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