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Frumecar Asphaltrecycler 500

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      manufacturer Frumecar
      model Recycler 500
      year NEW
      price (EUR) price on request
      technical description (PDF)

      - 500 KG capacity per batch

      - capacity per hour: 5.000 KG

      - drum helical electric gearbox motor

      - 2-stage diesel burner

      - 150 L fuel tank

      - hydraulic cylinders discharge for drum & 


      - Temperature monitoring in external display

      - GPS and data logging control panel

      - aprroved cross trailer

      - LED lights installed for night work

      - installed power / simultaneous 3 kW

      - guarantee: 2 years

      This offer is subject to change, input errors and mistakes. Valid are only the specific agreements in the order confirmation respectively in the sales contract.