Top performance in the Nordic winter: BSS sells MAGNUM 160 mixing plant to Sweden

Latin America goes Sweden – with BSS! The company has sold a MAGNUM 160 MAX from the road construction expert Marini from Brazil to the Nordic forests of Sweden at Goodway. With great success; the plant delivered shortly after arrival excellent results. A special factor here is the harsh Nordic winter season with plenty of snow and freezing temperatures over several months – that is why productivity is particularly in demand for asphalt production. Already the first order produced more than 20,000 tons in less than a month. But the MAGNUM 160 is not only efficient, but also mobile and flexible. As soon as the first work was completed, its was moved to the next Swedish construction site into operation. The aim of the new owner is to use very different regions of the country with the system, for which manufacturer Marini has made it perfectly strong. BSS is proud of the sale and the great performance of the heavyweight!