If your project requires the transportation of various goods, then a wheel loader will be essential. You can benefit from first-class used machines that have been well-serviced by the professional by a specialized service team. We are happy to transport the wheel loader to your location free of charge.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. This is the top priority for our competent and friendly service staff.

A wheel loader is a construction machine used for loading and transporting goods. They are mainly used for short distances and are often equipped with a shovel.

Wheel loaders are used in municipal areas as well as in agriculture where they are used for lifting and moving loads.

Wheel loaders are part of the standard equipment in our product range because they are commercial vehicles with a wide range of applications. We currently have brands such as Volvo and Caterpillar available for you. These are maintained and serviced by our on-site technicians in order to ensure smooth operation.