Are you looking for a suitable grader to flatten large areas? Take advantage of the great offer of BSS construction machines and benefit from a price advantage. We can guarantee that all construction machines have been thoroughly inspected and refurbished by specialists.

We will gladly provide you with qualified and friendly advice on the purchase and sale of graders, details of our services, and the inclusion of transportation to your project site.

Graders are construction machines that pave large areas. They are also called earth graders or road graders. Graders are one of the oldest construction machines and have been built globally since 1876. While the old graders were once horse-drawn, modern graders are now powered by a motor.

Graders have many possible uses and they can be utilised on a range of projects, including road construction or even in the development of extensive areas.

You can currently choose from graders from the Caterpillar brand which will be optimally equipped for your project.