Do you need a high-quality, inexpensive and used asphalt paver?
Choose the best asphalt paver from the following selection. You can purchase trusted brands such as Dynapac which are ideally suited for large construction sites and other industrial areas. We can ensure the reliable operation of the construction machines by our professional technicians, who service and maintain them. At BSS, we also take care of the transportation for you and deliver the equipment directly to your worksite, letting you focus on your project!

Asphalt pavers can produce bonded and unbonded layers. These layers include sand, asphalt, concrete, etc. Asphalt pavers are classified into caterpillars and wheeled pavers, often referred to as ‘pavers’ or ‘road pavers’.

Asphalt pavers are required in the construction industry for projects such as road construction, embankment and landfill construction. The primary function is the installation of roller asphalt. It is also possible to build in the sand, crushed stone or concrete profile that is compatible with road pavers.